Sunday, 26 October 2014

Late October Racing

The 2014 Oktoberfest Run was not the only race H+Pers ripped apart this fall.  Here are some other recent results for the team:

Scotiabank Half and Full Marathon

Half Marathon

RunnerRob finished with an outstanding new personal best of 1:14:14, placing 12th OA in a very competitive field.

Despite a few road blocks during the race (like dropping her race bib and having to run back to find it), Tracy still finished with an outstanding new PB of 1:38:40!

Justin Buis hammered a very impressive 1:41:22, taking almost 30 minutes off his PB of 2:10 from the start of the season!

Kristin Marks had a very solid PB of 1:52, taking 10 minutes off her previous best!

Full Marathon

Holger, using this race as a tune up run, ran a very solid 3:05:45!

Helen finished with an outstanding new PB of 3:45, taking almost 15 minutes off her PB from last

Horror Hill

Just 1 week after PBing at the Oktoberfest 10K, Aaron Mailman WON the 10K OA.

Dave had a great showing in the 25K, hammering hard and placing 2nd OA.

In the 6-hour race, Vicki managed to win OA for females with an outstanding 62.5K.  This is Vicki's first OA win ever- congrats!

Andrew Heij placed 14th in the 6 hour with a very solid 55K on the day!

Heather Heij ran tough through a cold and congested lungs, finishing with just under 28K.

Steve Parke had a great showing.  He ran in a pink tutu and acted as a guide for a fellow athlete (Rhonda-Marrie Avery) who also happens to be an stand-out blind runner, raising money for

College XC
Payton and her Conestoga College teammates managed to place 3rd at the Ontario Provincial championships.  Payton was 4th on her team with a solid time of 23 minutes.  This is enough to qualify the girls for the National Championships in Calgary! 

Ahmed Ahmed had a great showing as an individual.  Without a solid team to work with, Ahmed battled hard to finish in 28th place with a time just under 31 minutes for the very technical 8K course. 

H+P at the 2014 Oktoberfest Run

It's hard to believe, but this is the THIRD year in a row that the team has entered a solid contingent in the WRS Oktoberfest Run.  This year was, without a doubt, our most successful.  Here is a complete summary of our results (Thanks to Julie Schmidt for all the great photography).


5K Teams and #SeanVsGill

Firstly, in the 5K, we had the #SeanVsGill challenge.  You can check out the complete recap here, and the official team results here.

#TeamGill ended up walking away with a narrow victory over #TeamSean with an average time of 17:38 vs 17:44.  The teams ended up coming in  1st and 2nd OA out of all 5K teams.

On a side note, if our top 5 runners had all been placed on 1 team, our average finishing time would have been an outstanding 16:33!!

10K Teams

Led by a massive break through performance by Nick Burt (and PB's across the board for many of our runners), the team finishes with an average time of 41:32 among the top 5 runners.  Click here for the full results.


Battle of Waterloo
Health and Performance ended up finishing the inaugural BOW with a bang!  Click here for the full results.

After the 5K, Sean, Brendan and Greg all held their positions to finish 1-2-3 Overall!  Dave Rutherford battled hard to finish 6th OA and win his AG.  Mike Piazza had a strong finish, bringing
him in 9th OA- making 5 of the top 10 coming from H+P!

On the women's side of things, Vicki Zandbergen was able to move up into 2nd place OA after her strong 21-mid 5K PB.  

5K Individual Results
Brendan had a new PB of 15:59, good enough for 3rd place OA!  He's the first H+P-er to break 16!  PB: 48s
Sean was in next for the team with a new PB of 16:11 and finished 4th OA.  PB: 24s

Ahmed was in next with a new PB of 16:45, good enough for 6th OA, 2nd in his AG.  PB:34s

Jordan was 4th in for the team with a PB of 16:53, placing 7th OA, 2nd in his AG. PB: 14s

Greg was the 5th runner for the team to break 17!  He finished in 16:56, 8th OA, 3rd in his AG: PB:19s

Chris was in next for the team with 17:29, placing 4th in his AG. PB: 31s

Dave was in next for the team with a very solid 18:18.  He placed 1st in his AG with this time!

Coach Gill was in next for the team with her second fastest time of the season: 19:17.  She won her AG with this time and was 3rd OA for females!

Kailey was the 2nd member of our women's team to break 20 with a massive new PB of 19:24.  This put her in 2nd place in her AG and 4th place OA!  PB: 1:03

Mike Piazza finished with a very solid 19:31, finishing 4th in his AG.

New H+P-er, Simon, was in right after Mike with a solid 19:36, finishing 2nd in his AG.

Jan De Visser was in next with a solid 20:30, good for 5th in his AG.  

Tim De Visser finished just behind his dad with time of 21:07, good enough for 2nd in his AG!

Vicki Z was the 3rd members of our women's team to finish with a new PB of 21:29, placing 1st in her AG and 8th OA!  PB:44s

Andrew, aka the Bearded One, ran an excellent 22:10- not bad for an ultra runner!

Kevin Post Achieved a very solid 23:06, a new PB by 2:12!

Mike Hewitson finished with a new PB of 23:30, placing 10th in his AG!

Ed Shrigley was in next with a time of 23:41, just missing his PB by seconds, and placed top 10 in his AG.

Candice Shrigley ran a very solid 24:36, placing 5th in her AG.  This was a new PB by 27s!

Dan Cook came in with a very solid time, just over 25mins..not bad for missing the last 2 months due to injury!

Cari came in next for the team with an outstanding PB of 26:30, wining her cat!

Laura and Will both came in together with a time of just 28 minutes along with their newborn daughter! 

Maria was in next with a very solid 28:23, just seconds off her PB!

10K Individual Results

Nick was in first for the team with a significant new PB of 36:38!  This brought him in 4th OA and 1st in his AG.  PB:1:50

Mailman came in next for the team with an outstanding new PB of 39:16, placing 11th OA, 2nd in his
AG.  PB:4:15
Emily was in in 3rd for the team with a great new PB of 42:48. This brought her in 3rd place OA, and
2nd in her AG!  PB:2:30

Sam Lalonde was in next with a MASSIVE new PB of 44:14!  PB: 1:56

Paul, aka Speedy, was in next just seconds behind Sam, placing 5th for the team.

Dragan was in next, running just over 45 minutes with a new PB. PB: 4s

Manny came in just after Dragan with a new PB of 45:52, placing 3rd in her AG!  

Howie came in just after Manny with a time of 46:54, placing 11th in his AG.

Jessica finished the 10K with a new PB, finishing in 51:37, placing 5th in her AG!  PB: 5:40

Juan had a GREAT return to action after being away from the club for almost 1 year!  He ran just
over 52 minutes.

Laura Hewitson battles illness on the day, but still managed to win her category in 55:30.

That's it for this year!  If you PB'ed, or we missed your result, please let us know!  This was, without a doubt, our most successful race ever...but we're looking forward to making next year even better! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Recap: #SeanVsGill

Well, the epic #SeanVsGill battle has come and gone!  #TeamGill ended up walking away with a narrow victory over #TeamSean.  Here is how the entire event transpired including time gaps:


  1. First in for #TeamSean was Brendan Hancock with an OUTSTANDING new personal best of 15:59.  The first runner in for #TeamGill was Ahmed Ahmed with a new personal best of 16:45.  Time Gap: 46s, #TeamSean leading.
  2. Second in for both teams was Sean from #TeamSean and Jordan from #TeamGill.  They ran 16:12 and 16:54 respectively, both of which were personal bests.  This increased #TeamSean's lead even further.  Time Gap: 1 minute 28s, #TeamSean leading.
  3. In next was Coach Dyce from #TeamGill with an outstanding new personal best of 16:56, making him the 5th runner on the team to crack 17 minutes.  #TeamSean had Chris Goldsworthy finish in 17:30, also a new personal best.  This allowed #TeamGill to close the gap by 34 seconds.  Time Gap: 54s, #TeamSean leading.
  4. The 4th runner in from the battle was Dave Rutherford with an outstanding time of 18:18.  Kailey was the 4th runner in for #TeamSean with a massive new personal best of 19:25.  This allowed for a shift in team leads by a minuscule margin.  Time Gap: 13, #TeamGill leading.
  5. Finishing in 5th for her team, Gill was next.  She ended up running a great time of 19:17.  Mike was the 5th runner in for #TeamSean with a very solid time of 19:31.  This solidified #TeamGill's lead.  Time Gap: 27 seconds, #TeamGill WINS!

After a combined 1.5 hours of racing, #TeamGill ended up walking away with the win in an amazing come-from-behind fashion!  The final gap was a mere 27 seconds, or less than 6s per runner!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

2014 Oktoberfest Rosters

As we all know, #SeanVsGill will be going down this year at the 2014 Oktoberfest 5K.  Here is a break down of intra-team race, and the team draft results.  

Today, we are very excited to announce the complete team rosters for #TeamSean and #TeamGill, along with our 10K team.  This will be our largest contingent ever participating in a single event with 35 runners from the team competing!  

Here are the rosters:

H+P Team Gill
Gillian Willard
Jordan Schmidt
Ahmed Ahmed
Greg Dyce
Dave Rutherford
Simon Gonsalves
Candice Shrigley
Kevin Post
Maria Lucko
Cari Rastas Howard
Tim De Visser

H+P Team Sean
Sean Delanghe
Brendan Hancock
Kailey Haddock
Chris Goldsworthy
Mike Piazza
Vicki Zandbergen
Ed Shrigley
Will Spaetzel
Laura-Lee Spaetzel
Daniel Cook
Maria Llano 
Jan De Visser

We also don't want to forget about our solid 10K contingent who is looking forward to battling it out on the new and improved course!

Health and Performance 10K Roster:
Nick Burt
Aron Mailman
Dragan Zubac
Sam Lalonde
Emily Hunter
Laura Hewitson
Speedy Gonsalves
Manuela Jones
Harold O'Krafka
Juan Carlos Padron
Jessica Rumfeldt
Heidi Cica

Battle of Waterloo
Finally, we can't forget that the 5K is also the 3rd and final stage of the Battle of Waterloo.  Click here for a summery of Stage 2 and the current standings.  At this point, H+P has a number of points of interest in this 3-race epic.  The team currently occupies the entire podium with Sean (1st), Brendan (2nd) and Greg (3rd).  Dave Rutherford sits in 6th, mere seconds out of 5th, and looks to be comfortably in the lead out of all masters runners.  

For the women, Vicki sits in 4th place overall, but less than 10 seconds off the OA podium- can she crack it?

Monday, 13 October 2014

#SeanVsGill Draft Results

Less than ONE week to go until the epic #SeanVsGill showdown at the Oktoberfest 5K.  If you haven't already heard of this team challenge, click HERE to learn more.  Later this week we will be announcing the FULL rosters if each team.  

On Monday October the 6th, both teams drafted their top 5 runners.  Here is how the draft went down. 

(1) Coin Toss
At 6:45pm, the coin was tossed at practice.  Gill calls tails, it lands heads.  Sean gets to decide if he will pick first or second.  Remember, the individual to pick second also picks 3rd.  Sean was also required to pick a female athlete within the first 3 picks of his draft.  

(2) Draft order
After reviewing his scouting reports, Sean decides he will pick first (8:45pm)

(3) Draft
Here is a review of how the draft went as shown on our live twitter feed starting at 9:00pm.

Pick #1: Team Sean takes Brendan Hancock
Pick #2: Team Gill takes Jordan Schmidt 
Pick #3: Team Gill takes Ahmed Ahmed
Pick #4: Team Sean takes Kailey Haddock
Pick #5: Team Gill takes Greg Dyce
Pick #6: Team Sean takes Chris Goldsworthy 
Pick #7: Team Gill takes Dave Rutherford
Pick #8: Team Sean takes Mike Piazza 
Pick #9: Team Gill takes Simon Gonsalves
Pick #10: Team Sean takes Vicky Zandbergen

Who do you think has the better team? 

Stay tuned for full info on the rosters coming later this week!