Monday, 29 April 2013

H+P at the Waterloo Half Marathon

The team had a great showing at the 2013 Waterloo Half Marathon!  Click HERE for full results.  Here are some highlights:

  • Coach Greg took over 3 minutes off his time from 2012, running 1:24:00, and placing 3rd place overall!
  • Dragan-Ball-Z had a great half marathon debut, running a "comfortable 1:49"
  • Vance Lai ran 1:37, placing top 10 in his AG
  • Adam Dixon ran 1:38, also placing top 10 in his AG
  • Alex Ni also participated, putting in a comfortable effort despite not training and working way too much for his own good ;)

Monday, 22 April 2013

H+P at the 2013 ENDURrace 5K and 8K

There was a great showing by the team at the 2013 Waterloo Running Series ENDURrace 5K and 8K.  

Here are the team results and some of our favourite pictures of the event!
**pictures courtesy of Julie Schmidt,

EndurRace 8km

  • Dave Rutherford: 30:07, 5th overall, 1st place Masters/AG (just 6 days removed from Boston)!
  • Aaron Mailman: 31:19, 1st in AG, 9th overall
  • Jordan Schmidt: 32:46, 16th overall, 3rd in AG and just jogged it with his girlfriend
  • Jeremy Tracey: 38:35, 3rd in division
  • Mark Potvin: 42:03
  • Jerry Huiskamp: 42:11, 3rd in AG
EndurRace 5km
  • Aaron Mailman: 19:11, 1st in AG, 9th overall
  • Jordan Schmidt: 19:53, 3rd in AG- once again just running with his girlfriend! 
  • Mike Piazza: 20:04. 3rd in AG because someone in his AG was overall male & bumped out
  • Jeremy Tracey: 23:17, 3rd in division
  • Mark Potvin: 25:35- a new 5K PB!
  • Jerry Huiskamp: 29:49

Sunday, 21 April 2013

H+P at the 2013 Boston Marathon

The team had a great showing in the 2013 Boston Marathon.  

Lucas Finished in 3:13 despite hitting the wall at 10 miles!
Dave redeemed himself with an epic 3:01:55
Sean just barely held on at the end, posting a 2:54:53

Here are some pictures form the race:

Saturday, 20 April 2013

H+P athlete, Mike Bitton, is doing good things!

Congratulations to H+P Athlete, Mike Bitton! He was awarded the 1st ever Baton Rouge Bicycling Ambassador award for his volunteering efforts in bicycle safety, volunteering at triathlons and bike races, helping kids with disabilities learn to ride bikes, starting the LSU Triathlon club, helping re-start the LSU Cycling team, and hosting several blood drives. Every year after, the award will be known as the Mike Bitton award!! (He even got a letter from the Consulate General of Canada in Dallas congratulating him and thanking him for being an exemplary Canadian!)
CLICK HERE to learn more about Mike's story.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

H+P at the 2013 ATB

The team had a great showing at the 2013 Around the Bay Race.  Here is a quick summary of the team results!  For full results click HERE.

Lucas: 2:01:09.1
Jordan: 2:10:24.1 (Including a new 5K PB!)
Mike P: 2:26:55.7
Helen: 2:46:25.7
Jeremy: 3:01:32.4
Jessica: 3:12:20.4
Natalie: 3:18:50.8