Monday, 27 May 2013

H+P Racing: May 25-26th, 2013

Another great couple days for the team- here are the results:

Ottawa Half Marathon
Brendan destroyed the 1/2 marathon- opening with a 34:22 10K, and finishing in 1:15:15- good enough for 4th overall out of almost 12 000 runners, and 1st in hisAG

Sulphur Springs 25K

Val had an amazing race- despite multiple injuries, placed 3rd overall for females!

Helen also had an awesome race, placing 22nd overall for females!

Dave destroyed the 25K, placing 8th overall and 2nd in his AG with a time of 1:47!

Mike proved all his hard work is paying off- he placed 14th overall in 1:52!

Val, Helen, Dave and Mike post-race

Woodstock Triathlon

Luke had a great return to triathlons, winning his AG at the Woodstock Tri!

 Wahiawa Pineapple Run

 Jordan PB'ed in the 10K, running 37:31 and placing 3rd overall at the Wahiawa Pineapple Run

Here are some additional pics from the race weekend:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

H+P Racing: May 18th-20th, 2013

Once again, another huge week of racing for the H+P team.  Here are the highlights!

Victoria's Duathlon

Ed Cyr had a great race, finishing 4th overall, and winning is AG
Florian Ong performed extremely well, placing 7th overall and 3rd in his AG
Vance Lai had a great return to action, placing 54th overall and 13th in his AG
Kevin Grotheer put together a good result despite a winter away from training, placing 10th in his AG

Horseshoe Lake 50K
H+P TT record holder, Lucas, WON this event by over 15 minutes.  WOW!

24-Hour World Championships
This result actually took place the weekend of May 11th-12th, but a HUGE congrats goes out to Charlotte Vasarhelyi, who covered just under 194K in very tough conditions.  This distance was good enough for breaking into the top 60 in the world!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

H+P Racing: Weekend of 11th-12th

Once again, another great weekend of races for the H+P team!  Here are some highlights!

2013 Sportinglife 10K
  • Mike Hewitson had a great run, finishing in just under 50 minutes
  • Laura Richards had an amazing first run ever, finishing in well under the 1-hour mark
Sean finished in 34:46, 24th out of 21,846 runners 

Coach Gill had a PB run, finishing in 41:41, placing 8th out of 1,681 in her AG

New Hamburg Classic Races

Coach Greg placed 2nd overall in the Hamburger Hill 7-miler, finishing in just under 42 minutes

Vance finished 7th overall in a great time of just under 48 minutes

Maria had an awesome 5K, running sub-30 for the first time ever!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

H+P Race Weekend: May 4th-5th, 2013

First and foremost, before we get into the results, it was great to see Heather Caron out, racing the 10K as a tribute to her late husband.  The strength she continues to show is amazing, and our entire team is inspired by her!  Congratulations Heather!

Race results:

A mish-mash of results for the team this weekend.  From 50-milers all the way to 3Ks.  Here are the highlights!  
  • Brendan Hancock had a ridiculous 5K time of 16:47 at the Mudpuppy 5K!  WOW!

Dave Rutherford, the king of new goals and suffering, took his first swing at a brutal, 50 miler in Bear Mountain this weekend

Jeremy had an insane half marathon- posting 1:43, averaging over 1 min/km faster than his ATB time earlier this year.  

Natalie Veras also had a great Mississauga half time of 2:06!

Val had a great welcome back to competitive running at the Terry Goodenough Memorial Run.  She placed 2nd overall, hammered the 5K in 20-something pace.

Candice Shrigley, H+P's top "professional" runner picked up more prize money after she came in as the second masters female in the Mudpuppy 10K

Ed and Nicole Shrigley had great 3Ks, coming in comfortably under 14 minutes