Wednesday 15 May 2013

H+P Racing: Weekend of 11th-12th

Once again, another great weekend of races for the H+P team!  Here are some highlights!

2013 Sportinglife 10K
  • Mike Hewitson had a great run, finishing in just under 50 minutes
  • Laura Richards had an amazing first run ever, finishing in well under the 1-hour mark
Sean finished in 34:46, 24th out of 21,846 runners 

Coach Gill had a PB run, finishing in 41:41, placing 8th out of 1,681 in her AG

New Hamburg Classic Races

Coach Greg placed 2nd overall in the Hamburger Hill 7-miler, finishing in just under 42 minutes

Vance finished 7th overall in a great time of just under 48 minutes

Maria had an awesome 5K, running sub-30 for the first time ever!

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