Monday, 11 May 2015

Racing May 10th-11th

Another spring weekend, another busy couple of days for the team!  Here's how we did:

2015 Baden Road Races
This was another great race by the WRS, and where our largest contingent of racers competed.  Here are the results:


Coach Dyce had an outstanding performance, winning the race comfortably in 42:56.

Dave was in next for the team with a very solid 46:35, winning his AG and placing 3rd OA.

Erik was in next, just breaking 50 minutes, coming in 7th OA and 2nd in his AG.

Andrea was our first female in with a very solid 51:43, placing 4th OA.

Jonathan was in next, just 1s after Andrea, coming in at 51:44, placing 2nd in his AG.

Eric had a great debut with the team, placing 17th OA and 3rd in his AG!

Paul was in next for the team with an excellent rebound race, running 56:23.

Harold vs. Manny continues!  Howie won this round with a time of 57:40, while many was close behind with a time of 58:47.

Derek Hergott battles the tough conditions, and finished with a great PB of 58:54.

Brian Wetzler ran 1:00, while Travey finished with a great time of 1:04!

In the 5K, Kyle MacKenzie was just off his PB, running 24:32!

Run Around the Square 5K


Steph Hortian did it again!  She ran an outstanding 18:33, a new club record, and won the race!

Dan Nakluski pushed a great pace, finishing in 23 minutes!

Seaton Soaker 50K

Holger ran a great time of just over 5 hours, good enough for 6th OA.

Andrew ran 5:45, placing 20th OA.

Confederation Park 5K


Mailman was just off his PB, placing 2nd OA with a time of 18:24

Jess was 1st in her AG with a great time of just over 25!

Seaway Lions Run for Jump

Vicki, just one week removed from her 50-miler, ran a stellar 21:41, good enough for the win!

Sportinglife 10K

Coach Sean ran 35:55.

Mike and Laura ran together, treating it as a fun run, finishing in 58:05!

What another outstanding weekend for the team!  Did we miss your result?  Let us know!


Sunday, 3 May 2015

May 2nd-3rd Race Weekend

The team was all over the place this weekend competing in a plethora of different races.  Here's how we did!

Goodlife Marathon

  • Kailey Haddock ran her first marathon EVER, running an outstanding 3:22 Boston qualifier and placing 15th OA for females!
  • Mike suffered with some serious knee problems during the race, but still managed a solid 3:26!

Goodlife Half Marathon
  • Johana had an OUTSTANDING return from Kenya.  He posted a stellar 1:08 half marathon and won the race.
  • Brendan, who had almost no long runs in training, could not refuse a free entry!  He still posted a solid 1:20 and placed 15th OA.
Mississauga Marathon
  • Colin Calvert posted a very strong 3:18.
Mississauga Half Marathon
  • RunnerRob, using this as a primer race, stuck to the plan and ran 1:20, good enough for 14th OA.
  • Nick Burt ran a solid new PB of 1:26
  • Graham also came in with a new PB of 1:29.
  • Tracey, one of our masters all-stars, posted an outstanding 1:41!
Mudpuppy 5K

Lots of H+Pers lit up the Mudpuppy Chase!  Here's how we did:
  • Luke Ehgoetz ran an outstanding PB of - 7th OA and 3rd in AG
  • Steve Schmidt pushed a very solid PB of 19:31- 15th OA and 1st in AG
  • Brian Wetzler came in at  - 20:58- 2nd in AG
  • Ed Shrigley was just off his PB at 24:41 - 3rd in AG
  • Candice Shrigley ran one of her best times ever, 24:45 - 1st in AG
Mudpuppy 3K
  • Olivia Hergott ran an OUTSTANDING 19:46
  • Samara Hergott was just behind her with a very speedy 19:57

Mudpuppy 600m 

  • Miles Hergott pushed a very hard pace, and finished the course in 3:55!

Bear Mountain 50K
  • Dave Rutherford tackled the very tough and technical course in a respectable 6:08 and 4th in his AG.
Rock the Ridge 50M
  • Vicki had an outstanding performance, running 7:39, placing 2nd out of females, 7th OA, and recording the second fastest time by a female EVER!
In Ohio, our ultimate Mileage Man (Steve Parke) was ripping it up all weekend.  He won yet another 24 hour event, setting a new course record of 127 miles.

In Vermont, Chris Goldsworthy was back in action running a half marathon- his first race since the LA full earlier this year.  He ran 1:25, placing 8th OA and 2nd in his AG.

What a great two days.  Onwards to the next race weekend!