Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remember Run and BOW3

Despite being a mere one week removed from Road2Hope, and many runners already settling into their offseason recovery mode, the team still had a large contingent tackling the 2015 WRS RememberRun which also acted as the final stage of the BOW 3.  We had a number of surprise results, including OA wins in both the 5K and 11K for men, an OA win for women in the 11K, and OA wins in the BOW III for men and women.  Here are our full results:

5K- Individual
Team Rankings

Coach Sean won in 16:49.

Lucas Shwed had a strong first 5K of his life, running 19:32, placing 2nd on our team and 8th OA and 2nd in his AG.

Martin was in next for the team with a very strong 19:39, good for 11th OA and 4th in his AG.

Gillian was in 4th for the team, 3rd OA for females and 1st in AG with a solid 19:57 finish.

Evin came in 5th out of H+Pers with a great first 5K ever of 19:50 chip time!

Brian ran another good 5K, finishing in 22:38.

Ed had a very strong race, finishing in 24:12 and 7th in his AG.

Mike Hewitson continues to come back from injury with success as he ran a great 24:41.

Candice won her AG yet again with an excellent 25:11 finish time.

Cari managed to take the final stage in the #CariVsLaura challenge, coming in just over 26 minutes and a mere 10seconds ahead of Laura who ran 26:16!

Maria Dyce had a great return from injury, finishing just over 30 minutes.

Jen Merrett ran an excellent new PB of 30:55!

5K- Team
Full Results
H+P's team was able to take the win with the top 5 runners averaging 19:14.  The team consisted of: Sean, Lucas, Martin, Gillian and Evin.

Battle of Waterloo III
Full Results
Remember Run was the 3rd and final of 3 5K Stages in the BOW III.  Here's how H+P did:

Coach Sean won in 49:57.

Martin Chmiel had an amazing performance, finishing just off the podium in 4th place with a time of 58:18.

Gillian Willard was one of only 5 runners to break 1 hour of the event, winning OA for females with a time of 58:41.

Brian managed a very solid 1:09, making him the 4th H+Per in the top 10.

Ed came in 11th OA but won his AG with a great 1:12 OA time.

Candice was in just behind Ed with a time of 1:15, also winning her AG!

Cari came in next for the team with a time of 1:17, placing her 4th in her AG and less than 1 minute ahead of her frenemy- Laura Hewitson.  Laura was right behind with a solid 1:18:15.

New H+P member- Jon Krys was in next for the team with a solid 1:19:13 placing second in his AG.


Coach Dyce showed his recovery from STWM went well, pulling off the OA win with a time of

Nick ran a strong 41:28 just one week removed from his half marathon PB, placing 2nd OA in 41:23.

Eric Hunsberger was next for the team, running exactly 4:00mins/K, finishing 6th OA and 2nd in his AG with a time of 44:00.

Andrea Sweny continues to put in an amazing year, winning the 11K in 46:21!

Vicki came in 5th for H+P, winning her AG in 51:18.

Heidi had another great results, completing the 11K in 1:01:39 and placing 2nd in her AG.

The Heijs were in next for the team, running and finishing together in 1:22 as they start their build for 2016.

11K- Team

While there were no other teams in the event, our top 5 (consisting of 1st OA- Greg, 2nd OA- Nick, 6th OA- Eric, 1st OA female- Andrea and AG winner Vicki) had a great average pace of 44:52.

That's it for the 2015 Remember Run.  Did we miss your result?  Let us know!


2015 Hamilton Road2Hope

One of our final big goals for the 2015 season was the Hamilton Road2Hope marathon and half marathon.  While the temperature was perfect, winds were very challenging, especially at the top of the escarpment.  The team powered through and still produced a collection of solid performances.

Full Marathon:
Our rankings

The winds were brutal for these guys, forcing some of our runners to fall of their pace and drop out.  There were 5 H+Pers who fought hard and finished with great results:

Just two weeks removed from his PB at STWM, RunnerRob ran very strong 2:38:18, good for 2nd OA and his second fastest marathon to date.

Luke, on little pure marathon training relied on his massive IM base to carry him to a very successful 3:06:38.

In her fist marathon ever, Emily Hunter ran an outstanding 3:21:04.

Howie and Manny treated this as a fun run, coming in with finishing times of 4:21 and 4:52 respectively

Half Marathon
Our Rankings

With a recent course change, this route was measured by officials to be 21.34 in the week following
the race.  While it's something that rarely happens at a race of this size, we sill had a great time and some solid results:

Coach Sean finished 7th OA with a time of 1:17:21.

Nick Burt, despite the extra distance ran an outstanding half marathon PB of 1:22:13.

Kailey Haddock had a strong run, and like Nick was able to finish with a strong 1:30:47 PB.

Holger ran his usual consistent pace, coming in with a 1:30:50 final time.

Gillian came in just behind Holger, running 1:31:23.

Dave was the 1:40 pace bunny for the race, and ran the perfect pace to finish the job, coming in just over 1:41 (which would have been 1:40 at 21.1).

Dragan was in next just behind Dave with his second best half ever: 1:44.

Team Rankings

Schuyler Schmidt had an outstanding last-minute race, finishing in 42:35 and second OA!

Danny Nakluski continues to improve, running a very strong 46:06 for a new PB.

Kirstin Marks posted yet another PB, coming in just behind Dan with a time of 46:38!

Onward to RememberRun!