About Us

What is Health and Performance all about?

"Focus on performance...enhance your health"

Health and performance is here to help YOU get fit, healthy and fast!  We are meant to be affordable and accessible to absolutely everybody.  We DO NOT care if you are just starting, or a seasoned veteran- we want to help you improve your health and athletic performance!

Our entire system is based on a belief that in the pursuit of a higher level of performance, you will achieve a health status that you never thought possible.  By training your body to be at its best- of course you will get faster.  But, in the process, you will mold yourself into a slimmer, more confident, stronger, happier and more empowered person. 

Health and Performance has a number of components to help you along this path:
  • Interval Run groups
  • Weekend long runs and tempo runs
  • Cycling groups
  • Online coaching
  • Team races
  • Team socials 

Why Choose Health and Performance?

Do not let being affordable and accessible fool you- Health and Performance training is of the highest quality.  You do not have to pay big money to get the highest quality training and advice!  Here is why you should join us:

  • We understand what it takes to perform well with limited time
    • Learn which workouts to do to make the absolute best use of your limited time
  • We understand the science of training
    • Coach Sean has a 4 year-Hons. BSc. in biology and a 4 year Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and is NCCP trained
    • He continues to stay on top of the science of training as he writes for the New Hamburg Independent, freelance articles for sports magazines, the WRS blog and hisblog 
  • We are experienced
    • Coach Sean and Coach Gillian have been competing in endurance sports for decades
    • Most recently they both represented Canada at the 2012 and 2013 World Duathlon Championships.
    • Coach Sean has competed at the provincial level in track, cross country skiing, cross country running and mountain biking
  • We NEVER forget why we are here: to get healthy, to get fit, and have FUN
    • Training should never be a chore, most of us are not professional athletes, and therefore we should not act like we are
    • Our team trains hard to pursue excellence, and still has fun even if we fall short of these goals