Sunday 3 May 2015

May 2nd-3rd Race Weekend

The team was all over the place this weekend competing in a plethora of different races.  Here's how we did!

Goodlife Marathon

  • Kailey Haddock ran her first marathon EVER, running an outstanding 3:22 Boston qualifier and placing 15th OA for females!
  • Mike suffered with some serious knee problems during the race, but still managed a solid 3:26!

Goodlife Half Marathon
  • Johana had an OUTSTANDING return from Kenya.  He posted a stellar 1:08 half marathon and won the race.
  • Brendan, who had almost no long runs in training, could not refuse a free entry!  He still posted a solid 1:20 and placed 15th OA.
Mississauga Marathon
  • Colin Calvert posted a very strong 3:18.
Mississauga Half Marathon
  • RunnerRob, using this as a primer race, stuck to the plan and ran 1:20, good enough for 14th OA.
  • Nick Burt ran a solid new PB of 1:26
  • Graham also came in with a new PB of 1:29.
  • Tracey, one of our masters all-stars, posted an outstanding 1:41!
Mudpuppy 5K

Lots of H+Pers lit up the Mudpuppy Chase!  Here's how we did:
  • Luke Ehgoetz ran an outstanding PB of - 7th OA and 3rd in AG
  • Steve Schmidt pushed a very solid PB of 19:31- 15th OA and 1st in AG
  • Brian Wetzler came in at  - 20:58- 2nd in AG
  • Ed Shrigley was just off his PB at 24:41 - 3rd in AG
  • Candice Shrigley ran one of her best times ever, 24:45 - 1st in AG
Mudpuppy 3K
  • Olivia Hergott ran an OUTSTANDING 19:46
  • Samara Hergott was just behind her with a very speedy 19:57

Mudpuppy 600m 

  • Miles Hergott pushed a very hard pace, and finished the course in 3:55!

Bear Mountain 50K
  • Dave Rutherford tackled the very tough and technical course in a respectable 6:08 and 4th in his AG.
Rock the Ridge 50M
  • Vicki had an outstanding performance, running 7:39, placing 2nd out of females, 7th OA, and recording the second fastest time by a female EVER!
In Ohio, our ultimate Mileage Man (Steve Parke) was ripping it up all weekend.  He won yet another 24 hour event, setting a new course record of 127 miles.

In Vermont, Chris Goldsworthy was back in action running a half marathon- his first race since the LA full earlier this year.  He ran 1:25, placing 8th OA and 2nd in his AG.

What a great two days.  Onwards to the next race weekend!

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