Monday 3 June 2013

Health and Performance: June 1st- 2nd, 2013

Another weekend, another collection of awesome race results.  Here they are!

Phlox 25K
Dave somehow recovered from the ridiculous amount of racing he has been doing to place 4th overall and 1st in his AG (via a sprint finish, no less)  RESULTS

12 Mile Creek 1/2 Marathon

Linda destroyed 12-Mile Creek Half marathon: She finished in well under 2 hours (despite grueling conditions), won her AG, and achieving a personal best for the course!

Milton Race Weekend

Milton Sprint Triathlon

- Ed Cyr had an awesome race in the sprint tri, finishing 3rd overall (1st AG athlete, was only beaten by two pros!)
- Erik pulled off an impressive 7th place in his AG, despite being right in the middle of high volume Ironman training
- Kevin Grotheer raced his way to 11th place in his AG 
- Adam Dixon finished 8th place in his AG, about 3 minutes ahead of Kevin (is a new rivalry born?)

Milton Sprint Duathlon

-Coach Dyce had an amazing debut in the world of duathlons, placing 3rd overall
- Vance Lai showed his fitness is coming along quickly, placing 7th overall, 4th in his AG
- Alex Ni, despite not training (at all), had a great race in the duathlon!

Milton Try-a-Tri
-Mike and Megan Hamilton both had awesome races- both achieving personal bests by quite a margin!

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