Sunday 26 October 2014

H+P at the 2014 Oktoberfest Run

It's hard to believe, but this is the THIRD year in a row that the team has entered a solid contingent in the WRS Oktoberfest Run.  This year was, without a doubt, our most successful.  Here is a complete summary of our results (Thanks to Julie Schmidt for all the great photography).


5K Teams and #SeanVsGill

Firstly, in the 5K, we had the #SeanVsGill challenge.  You can check out the complete recap here, and the official team results here.

#TeamGill ended up walking away with a narrow victory over #TeamSean with an average time of 17:38 vs 17:44.  The teams ended up coming in  1st and 2nd OA out of all 5K teams.

On a side note, if our top 5 runners had all been placed on 1 team, our average finishing time would have been an outstanding 16:33!!

10K Teams

Led by a massive break through performance by Nick Burt (and PB's across the board for many of our runners), the team finishes with an average time of 41:32 among the top 5 runners.  Click here for the full results.


Battle of Waterloo
Health and Performance ended up finishing the inaugural BOW with a bang!  Click here for the full results.

After the 5K, Sean, Brendan and Greg all held their positions to finish 1-2-3 Overall!  Dave Rutherford battled hard to finish 6th OA and win his AG.  Mike Piazza had a strong finish, bringing
him in 9th OA- making 5 of the top 10 coming from H+P!

On the women's side of things, Vicki Zandbergen was able to move up into 2nd place OA after her strong 21-mid 5K PB.  

5K Individual Results
Brendan had a new PB of 15:59, good enough for 3rd place OA!  He's the first H+P-er to break 16!  PB: 48s
Sean was in next for the team with a new PB of 16:11 and finished 4th OA.  PB: 24s

Ahmed was in next with a new PB of 16:45, good enough for 6th OA, 2nd in his AG.  PB:34s

Jordan was 4th in for the team with a PB of 16:53, placing 7th OA, 2nd in his AG. PB: 14s

Greg was the 5th runner for the team to break 17!  He finished in 16:56, 8th OA, 3rd in his AG: PB:19s

Chris was in next for the team with 17:29, placing 4th in his AG. PB: 31s

Dave was in next for the team with a very solid 18:18.  He placed 1st in his AG with this time!

Coach Gill was in next for the team with her second fastest time of the season: 19:17.  She won her AG with this time and was 3rd OA for females!

Kailey was the 2nd member of our women's team to break 20 with a massive new PB of 19:24.  This put her in 2nd place in her AG and 4th place OA!  PB: 1:03

Mike Piazza finished with a very solid 19:31, finishing 4th in his AG.

New H+P-er, Simon, was in right after Mike with a solid 19:36, finishing 2nd in his AG.

Jan De Visser was in next with a solid 20:30, good for 5th in his AG.  

Tim De Visser finished just behind his dad with time of 21:07, good enough for 2nd in his AG!

Vicki Z was the 3rd members of our women's team to finish with a new PB of 21:29, placing 1st in her AG and 8th OA!  PB:44s

Andrew, aka the Bearded One, ran an excellent 22:10- not bad for an ultra runner!

Kevin Post Achieved a very solid 23:06, a new PB by 2:12!

Mike Hewitson finished with a new PB of 23:30, placing 10th in his AG!

Ed Shrigley was in next with a time of 23:41, just missing his PB by seconds, and placed top 10 in his AG.

Candice Shrigley ran a very solid 24:36, placing 5th in her AG.  This was a new PB by 27s!

Dan Cook came in with a very solid time, just over 25mins..not bad for missing the last 2 months due to injury!

Cari came in next for the team with an outstanding PB of 26:30, wining her cat!

Laura and Will both came in together with a time of just 28 minutes along with their newborn daughter! 

Maria was in next with a very solid 28:23, just seconds off her PB!

10K Individual Results

Nick was in first for the team with a significant new PB of 36:38!  This brought him in 4th OA and 1st in his AG.  PB:1:50

Mailman came in next for the team with an outstanding new PB of 39:16, placing 11th OA, 2nd in his
AG.  PB:4:15
Emily was in in 3rd for the team with a great new PB of 42:48. This brought her in 3rd place OA, and
2nd in her AG!  PB:2:30

Sam Lalonde was in next with a MASSIVE new PB of 44:14!  PB: 1:56

Paul, aka Speedy, was in next just seconds behind Sam, placing 5th for the team.

Dragan was in next, running just over 45 minutes with a new PB. PB: 4s

Manny came in just after Dragan with a new PB of 45:52, placing 3rd in her AG!  

Howie came in just after Manny with a time of 46:54, placing 11th in his AG.

Jessica finished the 10K with a new PB, finishing in 51:37, placing 5th in her AG!  PB: 5:40

Juan had a GREAT return to action after being away from the club for almost 1 year!  He ran just
over 52 minutes.

Laura Hewitson battles illness on the day, but still managed to win her category in 55:30.

That's it for this year!  If you PB'ed, or we missed your result, please let us know!  This was, without a doubt, our most successful race ever...but we're looking forward to making next year even better! 

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