Monday 20 April 2015

2015 TYS10K

The 2015 TYS10K marked the absolute fastest and most PB-riddled performance by H+P.  Ever.

It was a massive success from both a team and individual standpoint.  We are so appreciative to the Canada Running Series for providing us with this outstanding opportunity to run fast, and for all the other teams and competitors that gave our athletes runners to chase along the way.  Here's how we did:


The H+P Men's team was the top team with an average time of 33:08.  Top 5 came from Adam Hortian, Brendan Hancock, RunnerRob, Greg Dyce and Ahmed Ahmed.

The H+P Mix team also got in on the action, placing 4th with an average time of 40:00.  Top 5 came form Erik V, Simon, Jonathan, Justin and Lucas.

The H+P Women's team also came out on top with an average time of 40:53.  Top 5 came from Steph Hortian, Kailey Haddock, Payton Thiel and Helen Broom.

The H+P Women's team actually place 4th out of all the top mixed teams, while our Mixed team cam in just behind with an average time of 41:44.


Adam Hortian was in first for the team with an outstanding 6th place OA finish, running a new personal best
of 30:24.

Brendan Hancock came in next, running PB of 32:34, good for 25th OA.

RunnerRob was 3rd for the team with a very solid 33:20, a new PB.

Greg Dyce posted a surprise, marriage-driven PB of 34:30.

Ahmed Ahmed came in with an outstanding personal best of 34:45.

Coming in next for the team was Luke Ehgoetz with a new PB of 36:13, our top masters runner!

Nick Burt battled a toe injury and posted a very solid 37:10.

Steph Hortian was our first female to cross the line.  She ran 37:19, good enough for 10th OA and a new club record!

Kailey was our second female to cross the line, posting an outstanding 4 minute PB of 38:44.

Simon Gonslaves was in next, posting an outstanding 39:04 PB!

Jonathan Fugelsang came in just after Simon with a great 5 minute PB of 39:52.

Emily Hunter crossed with a massive PB of 40:59.

Coming back form concussion, Justin Buis posted a 5 minute personal best of 41:14!

Payton was in next for the team with a massive 4 minute personal best of 43:24.

Linda was in next with a 3 minute personal best of 43:32.

Helen followed with a 4 minute personal best of 43:56.

Andrew posted a very solid personal best of 44:00!

Paul showed his fitness is coming into form, posting a time of 44:11.

Tracy was in next, our TOP masters female, running a PB of 45:02.

Dragan was in next with another PB of 46:21.

Kristin Marks posted an outstanding personal best of 49:24.

Candice Shrigley posted a great personal best of 51:27!

Heather was in next with a very solid person best of just over 1 hour.

See ya next year TYS10K!


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