Wednesday 29 July 2015

Thank you #SummerTT volunteers!

The #SummerTT simply would not have been possible without our volunteers.  Thank you everybody on this list who helped to make the even such a success, and fun for all!

  • Craig Kingston- course set up, registration, jack of all trades!
  • Helen Broom- course set up
  • Payton Thiel- lots of stuff! 
  • Brendan Hancock- traffic control, starter
  • Neil Malhotra- traffic control
  • Matt Chandler- traffic control
  • Alex Zorzitto- traffic control
  • Emily Hunter- lots of stuff!
  • Mike Bitton- lead cyclist 
  • Will Spaetzel- video man!
  • Jonathan Fugelsang- photographer
  • Dawn Frier- photographer
  • Cari Rastas Howard- lots of stuff!
  • Adam Dixon- traffic control
  • Lloyd Schmidt- race set up
  • Dave Korell- race set up, try-on event, awards
  • Stefano Boccia- race set up, dressing up as Newbie
  • Laura and Mike Hewitson- going way above as beyond running the food tent!
  • Don't Tell My Mother- crushing the acoustic set

If we missed you on this list, please let us know!!  Thank you all!

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