Monday 3 August 2015

Our 2015 ENDURrun Men's A2 Team

The ENDURrun is less than one week away!  We had an amazing time last year, and this is shaping up to be even better with 7 H+P relay teams filled an ready to go.  

Today we are excited to introduce our Men's A2 Team!  With Brendan having to miss his stage for the A1 team, Luke was taken from the A2 team to take his spot.  Jan was more than happy to fill Luke's spot to keep this team alive!

  • The major goal for our A2 team is to take down our 2014 Men's A2 team.  Follow the battle HERE.
  • While the A2 team is not looking to beat the the A1 team, each individual runner is looking to challenge their stage competitor on the A1 team as a secondary goal!

Stage 1: Half Marathon

Name: Aaron Mailman 
Height: 6'1
Age: 37
Weight: 168lbs
Favourite Race: ATB 30K
Favourite PB: 1:25 half

Stage 2: 15K TT

Name: Mike Piazza
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160lbs
Age: 29
Favourite Race: ATB 30K
Favourite PB: 1:26 half

Stage 3: 30K Cross-Country
Name: Jan de Visser
Height: 6'0
Age: 48
Favourite Workout: The one I'm doing as I do it.  I hate it beforehand and afterwards.
Masters Athlete Tip: Listen to your body.  Don't run more or faster than your legs can handle.

Stage 4: 10-Mile Hill Run

Name: Dave Haiser
Height: 5'7
Age: 30
Weight: 155
Favourite Race: Guelph Lake Tri
Favourite PB: 20:17

Age: 30, Height: 5'7, Weight: 155, fave race: Guelph Lake Tri, PB: 5K 20:17

Stage 5: 25.6K Alpine Run

Name: Adam Dixon
Height: 6'5
Age: 30
Weight: 170lbs
Favourite Race: Muskoka 70.3
Favourite PB: Pancake mile WR holder

Stage 6: 10K TT

Name: Alex Dos Antos
Age: 18
Height: 178cm
Age: 70kg
Favourite Event: Memphremagog Tri
Favourite PB: 37:29

Stage 7: Marathon

Name: Chris Goldsworthy
Age: 30
Height: 6'1
Weight: 160lbs
Favourite Event: SummerTT (our guess)
Favourite PB: 17:29 5K

Make sure to follow the action on our Facebook Page as well as the battle on our stats page the second week of August!  We will keep you up to date on stage results, full event standings, how they are stacking up against our Women's team!

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