Sunday 27 September 2015

H+P at the 2015 Laurier Loop

The team had a great time at the 2015 Laurier Loop.  We didn't originally intend on entering this race together as a unit, but everything fell into place the week before, and we sure are glad that it did.  We ended up winning the 5K OA for males and females, the 10K OA for females, and entered two solid open teams who ended up walking away 1st (out of 1, but still!).

Here are the complete team results:

H+P Rankings
- Coach Sean came in 1st OA with a time of 17:10
- Nick Burt was 3rd OA in a new PB of 17:52
- Coach Gill came in 1st OA with a time of 20:00
- Martin Chimmel came in with a MASSIVE new PB of 20:01.  This is especially impressive considering that he ran 38 minutes last year at a weight 100lbs heavier than he his now.  What a difference a year of hard work can make; congrats to you Martin!


- Jan De Visser was in 5th for the team, placing 1st in his AG with a time of 21:17.
- Brian was in next with a solid 22 minute 5K, placing 3rd in his AG.
- Howie came in with a time of 23:19, good enough for 3rd in his competitive AG.
- Manny was right behind, running 23:39 and WINNING her AG!
- Ed ran a strong time just under 25 minutes, good for 3rd in his AG.
- Candice had an outstanding win for her AG with a time of 26:06.

- Cari and Laura continue to battle hard in the season-long #CariVsLaura challenge!  After Laura took the win at the 15K ENDURrun stage, Cari was able to bounce back and beat her rival by 11 seconds!  Cari ran 26:45 and Laura ran 26:56, leveling the score to a 1-1 tie.  They are going head-to-head again at Oktoberfest and Remember Run, as well as the overall series in the Battle of Waterloo 3! 

- Derek Hergott, coming back from a stress fracture, held himself back from running (which was not easy!) and walked the 5K course in 37 minutes!

- Payton had a great return to action, running 45:56.  She was not only first for the team, but top 10 OA and FIRST PLACE for all females!
- Paul Gonsalves came in with a very solid 47:38, placing 3rd in his AG.
- Vicki used the 10K as a progression training run, but still managed to place 2nd in her AG with a time of 49:49.
- Kevin Post ran a strong 53:12 (in bare feet no less)!
- Anand Langalia ran a strong 55 minute 10K, good for 2nd in his AG!
- Steve ran as a guide, helping her achieve an outstanding new PB of 1:05:12!


- In the 4x2.5K category, Jordan, Mike Piazza, Mike Hewitson and Craig Kingston ran a strong combined 39:09 10K!

- Our 5K open team consisting of Sean, Nick, Gill, Martin and Jan was first with an average time of 19:17.

- Our 10K open team consisting of Payton, Paul, Vicki, Anand and Steve was first with an average time of 53:01!

Up next for the team: Oktoberfest 5K and 10K!

Did we miss your result?  Let us know!


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