Tuesday 3 January 2012

Success Story #1: 60 yearold female 5km runner

One of the things that I will be doing on this site is blogging about success stories for those training as part of H+P.  I am not presenting an anomaly, these results are very typical.  Here goes case number one:

  • 60 year old female
  • Primary Goal: Win her age group at a 5km race
  • Secondary Goal: Improve her time by ~45seconds if possible
  • Baseline: July 9th, 2011- ran a 29:08 5km with training on her own for 1-2 years
  • Designed a 3 month program 
    • focus on proper intervals and tempo runs (only 2-3 runs/week)
    • set a goal 5km race: Oct 16, 2011.
    • significant nutritional counseling (what to eat before, after, during)
    • proper taper advice 2 weeks before the race
  • Trained injury free throughout the entire program
  • Ran 27:39- taking 1min 29s off her time in only 3 months (doubling her time goal)
  • Ended up winning her age group by 4 seconds (achieving her position goal)

Here is an exerpt from this athlete's testimonial.  To see the full text, please click here to view it in our Testimonials section.

"...I asked Dr. Delanghe for advice and he coached me in regard to his method of interval training. I have never looked back! After only a few weeks of running every second day (alternating with bike days), running seemed to be easier. I could run my long runs at a faster pace. Also, my run time on interval days was reduced significantly from my previous training regime. Finally, I lost inches and weight without any dieting effort..."

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