Saturday 3 August 2013

Impromptu 5K Track Session

We held our first impromptu 5K track session Saturday August 3rd at 8:00am.  We all tried for a PR- and while everybody valiantly hammered through the wind, Jordan was the only one to walk away with one!

A special thanks goes out to Lloyd and Julie for bringing their race clock, water and for cheering!

Here are the results:
*PR= personal record, SB= season best

1) Sean Delanghe: 17:14- SB
2) Jordan Schmidt: 17:20- SB,PR
3) Greg Dyce: 17:25- SB
4) Holger Kleinke: 20:02
5) Alex Ni: 22:32?
6) Jeremy Tracey: 22:33
7) Nolan Tracey: 27:30

And here are some great pictures from the event taken by Julie Schmidt!

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