Monday 9 September 2013

H+P Early Sept Racing

The summer is coming to an end, but H+P is still out there, crushing race courses.  Here are some recent results:

Luke Eghoetz had an amazing race at the 2013 1/2 Ironman World Championships.  He averaged over 35hm/h on the bike, ran just over 1:30 for the half marathon, and managed to place inside the top 40 for his AG.  Click here for the results. 

Sue and Liz both had awesome performances in the Wasaga Beech Sprint Duathlon.  It was their first time ever doing a multisport event- Liz even manged to place 3rd in her AG!  Results.

Erik had a great showing at the half-Ironman in Muskoka.  Coming of injuries from his Ironman, Erik still went out and had fun, placing in the top 50 in his AG!  Results. 

Vance, despite a busy summer of racing, was back at it- this time in Montreal for the Duathlon National Championships.  He tore up the course, placing top 10 in his AG.  Results. 

Adam and Kev had one last showdown for the year at the Hy-Vee Olympic National Triathlon Championships (for USA).  Adam did take the win, but Kev unfortunately suffered a flat on the course.  He did finish the race on a positive note though with a sub-42 10K.  Results.

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