Friday 20 September 2013

H+P Racing: Sept 14th and 15, 2013

Here is the results round-up for the weekend of Sept 14th-15th, 2013:

Kristin on top of the podium at Bracebridge in 2012

A HUGE congratulations goes out to Kristin Marchant for her performance and the Triathlon World Championships.  She trained with us in 2011 and 2012- and is still the Summer TT record holder.  Despite battling chronic, recurrent running injuries, and getting sick the day before the race Kristin still managed to walk away as the WORLD CHAMPION for women aged 20-24 in the Olympic distance tri.  Most impressively, she won the race by about 2 minutes, including running a 36:11 10K off the bike.  Click here to see the full results.

On the highschool racing front, we have to recognize Nicole Shrigley's performance in what was supposed to be a 3K "fun run."  Going in with the plans of taking it easy, Nicole quickly got caught up in the competitive spirit on the day, and ran 12:48 on a windy and hilly course- a 21s PB!

In the cycling world, Vance continues to display excellent consistency despite his lengthy season.  He raced into a top-100 performance at the Centurion C50 in Collingwood- a race we will be targeting as a team for next year!  CLICK HERE for the full results.    

Finally, a huge congrats goes out to mountain man himself, Craig Kingston.  He had a great performance at the 5Peaks Heart Lake 14.4K.  He ended up averaging well under 5mins/K on a very technical course, good enough for 5th in his AG.  CLICK for full results. 

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