Wednesday 23 October 2013

H+P at the Oktoberfest Run

As you already know, we had a great experience as a team at the 2013 Oktoberfest Run.  CLICK HERE to see the results.  

The team's individual results were also quite impressive.  As a team, we set a PB in the number of PB's we set (OR PBPB for short).  The final count is 11, 16 for the weekend.  All the personal bests are highlighted.  Here are the results:

Coach Dyce had a huge break through performance, finishing 3rd overall with a new PB of 36:05

Graham Dunn also broke through, having never cracked 40mins, he finished in 38:57 and 3rd in his AG

Val crushed the 10K, running 40:45, placing 3rd overall, 1st in her AG, and achieving a new PB as well!

Adam Dixon ran a 42-something in the 10K, another PB!

Juan Carlos has come a long way after spending almost a year on the DL, coming in at 51:02 

Helen Stubbs showed what consistent training can do- she came in at 47:20, a PB of 1.5 minutes!

Dragan also reaped the benefits of a summer of consistent training- he finished in 45:36, also a PB of 1.5 minutes!

Emily Hunter had a great return to racing after spending a number of months on the DL- she ran 49:00, and new PB, and placed top 5 in her AG

Alex Ni had a great race despite his busy schedule and limited ability to train, coming in at 47:20 

Coach Sean ran 17:04, 4th overall, 1st in his AG

Kevin "no-train" Grotheer ran 19:16 on literally no training, good enough for 4th in his AG

Coach Gill had a great race, coming in at 20:09, a new personal best by about 30s!

Dave crushed the 5K running 20:17, a new personal best!

Kevin Post also PB'd coming in at 25:18!

Brandon Shrigley had a great race, coming in well under 22 minutes

Nicole Shrigley ran a solid 23:27 despite just racing a few days before at WCSSAA

Ed Shrigley prooved he is now 100% back form injury, running 24:14

Candice battled through her injury, coming in at 25 minutes, and placing 2nd in her AG!

Gail, once again, placed second in her AG, coming in well under 29 minutes

Ross Willard had a excellent H+P debut, placing 6th in his AG!

Lori battled hard, and ended up placing 4th in her category with a new PB!

Mike Hewitson ran 23:59, just seconds off his PB from the day before (therefore this counts as a PB weekend!)

Laura Richards battled through a tough knee injury to finish 2nd in her category (also just coming off a huge PB from the day before).

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