Monday 4 November 2013

H+P at the 2013 Road2Hope

The last massive 2013 team-race for Health and Performance was this past weekend in Hamilton at the Road2Hope half and full marathon!  The team showed another ridiculous level of improvement.  If you recall, two weekends ago, a PBPB (personal best personal best) was set in the total number of personal bests achieved.

This past weekend, fewer athletes raced, so it was impossible to achieve a new PBPB.  HOWEVER, we did manage to reach a new personal best DIFFERENTIAL personal best- a PBDPB.  In other words, the sum of the total minutes taken off our previous PB's was the best we have ever seen at one given race.  Great work team!  

Jordan and Greg hammering away!

Here are the results along with the PBD (personal best differential):

Full Marathon- CLICK for full results.

Jordan Schmidt went 3:02, good enough for 40th overall, and 7th in his AG. PBD: 44mins

Coach Dyce finished in 3:05:59, earning him 55th place overall, and top 10 in his AG. PBD: 35mins 

Val went 3:11:38, earning her 2nd place in her AG, and 8th place overall!  PBD: 2 mins (from a few months ago!)

Graham finished in 3:27:37, an amazing improvement in a short period of time!  PBD: 18 mins

Helen ran 3:56:44!  Another amazing improvement!  PBD: 8mins

Total PBD for the marathon: 107mins

Half Marathon- CLICK for full results.

Coach Sean went 1:17:48, 7th overall, 2nd in his AG. PBD: 6 mins

Craig ran 1:32:20- his first real half, and beat coach Gill by ONE SECOND! PBD: N/A

Coach Gill ran 1:32:21, earning her 24th overall, and 3rd in her AG.  PBD: 9 mins

Dragan ran 1:39:56, placing him 30th in his AG!  PBD: 11mins

Lori ran 1:54:58, an amazing result considering some injuries she is facing.  PBD: 5 mins

Amy had a great race, coming in just over 2 hours!  PBD: 3 mins

Mark ran his first half ever on no training- hopefully he can walk today!  PBD: INF

Total PBD for the half marathon: 34mins

And the grand total is....

Some of the team the day before our PBDPB

TOTAL PBD: 141 mins...or 2 hours and 21 minutes!  And NEW PBDPB!

Thanks everybody for a great racing season!  We have big plans for next year including; Around the Bay, H+P TT record-breaking attempts, more marathon PB's,  5 and 10K PB's, some cycling races, ENDURrun, multi-sport stuff and more!  

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