Monday 2 December 2013

2013 Holiday Party Relay Results

Congrats to everybody who competed in the 2013 H+P Holiday Party Relay.  I think it is safe to say that NOBODY loses a holiday relay.  More importantly, it is widely understood that completing this standardized challenge in under 2 minutes is considered elite- and every single team achieved this feat comfortably!

A HUGE congrats to Holger for winning the picture voting challenge- He was really working the pipes when this one was taken!

Here are the results:
  1. Polliwogs: 00:57 (Mike P, Val, A.Broom, T-Bone)
  2. Mike and the Mechanics: 00:58.5 (Mike H, Laura, Andrea, Craig/Mountain Man)
  3. Jilly Jill and the funky bunch: 1:09 (Reid, Nolan, Jeremy, Gillian)
  4. Payton and her boyfriends: 1:09.5 (Brendan, Payton, Holger, Mailman)
  5. Team Edward: 1:14 (Michael, Ed, Candice, Nicole)
  6. Chocolaholics: 1:20 (Dawn, Vicki, Bill, Will)
  7. Shidoobee: 1:18 (+10s penalty) (Sue, Liz, Jen Juan)
  8. No Name: 1:32 (Patrick, Liz, Kevin, Kerri) 
Also, a congrats goes out to our MVP's from 2013: Val and Greg (click here)

Finally, a huge congrats goes our to Juan for winning the food competition.  He will have the recipe for all of us soon!  Here's a pic of Juan attacking the relay course:

 Finally, here are some other great pics from the party!  Check out the full collection in our Facebook Album

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