Sunday 11 May 2014

2014 Baden Road Races

H+P had an excellent experience at the 2014 Baden Road Races.  There were a few new features in this re-branded version of the New Hamburg Classic Races.  Our favourite addition to the already outstanding event was the hill challenge.  In the middle of the 7-miler, there is a massive hill that is also timed.  Run up the fastest, and you get a new pair of shoes!

Here's how we did as a team:

  • Luke was the first in for the team.  He crushed the 7M course, finishing 2nd OA, winning his AG.  This is his 4th race in a row with the team where he has stood on the OA podium!
  • Greg worked with Luke for much of the race.  Finally kicking his training into gear, his fitness is starting to build.  He finished 3rd OA, and won his AG!
  • Mike had an AWESOME race for the team.  He forgot that he was supposed to be tired after the marathon from last weekend!  He came in 3rd on the team, 5th OA, and averaged 4mins/K for the 7M course.
  • Dave Rutherford, coming back from his Achilles injury, was in next for the team.  He finished in under 47 minutes, won his AG, and placed 8th OA.  
  • Mailman came in right behind Dave.  He finished in 47 minutes, and 9th OA, making him the 5th H+P-er in the top 10!
  • Nick Burt was unable to draft his nemesis in this race (Mailman), but still finished in just over 48 minutes.  He still comfortably won his AG.  The season series of Mailman vs. Nick now sits 2-1 in Aaron's favour.  
  • Jessica was the 1st woman in for the team.  She ran very strong, finishing 2nd OA for females, and winning the hill challenge!
  • Payton was our next female to finish the 7M.  She ran a very strong race of just over 53 minutes, placing 2nd in her AG and 6th OA.
  • Will hammered a great 7M, finishing 2nd in his category.  
  • Cari also had an awesome race, cruising in with a time of just over 1:10!
  • Coach Sean won the race with a time of 17:20
  • Friend of H+P, Catherine, had an awesome return to action after 6 months away form racing.  She won the race in 21-minutes low.
  • Kailey had an outstanding race for the team.  After being away from running for over 6 months with injury woes, she crushed the 5K, finishing 2nd OA, 1sec behind Catherine,
  • Next in for the team was Holden.  He had a great race, finishing in well under 25 minutes.  Pretty darn good for a 10-year-old!  
  • Ed was in next for the team.  He ran a very strong 25:05, placing just inside the top 30.  
  • Maria had an awesome race, coming in just over 30 minutes and winning her category!
Special thanks:
  • A HUGE thanks goes to Daniel Cook.  He got up before 5am, did his long run, and THEN made the trip out to cheer on the team!
  • Also, a big thanks goes to Brendan who came out to cheer people on and take pictures at the base of the climb.  
You guys made the race experience better for everybody!  Way to represent H+P!  

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