Friday 2 May 2014

2014 H+P ENDURrace 8K and Combined

It's hard to believe that yet another ENDURrace has come and gone.  Two weeks ago we had an amazing experience at the ENDURrace 5K, with outstanding team results.  It was going to be tough to top that effort, but we gave it out best shot.

Also, thanks again to Julie from the WRS for the great photography!

Here is how we did in the 2014 ENDURrace 8K:

8K  Team Results:

As a team, we had better than anticipated result!  Despite missing many of our key members, we still managed to have the top 4 finishers in the race overall, and the 2nd and 5th place females overall.  Our open team finished with an outstanding average time of 30:34!  RESULTS.

Individual 8K Results CLICK:

Brendan Hancock had an excellent race.  Running alone for the duration of the 8K, he managed to take 1.5mins of his 8K time from Feb, running a mid-28, and winning the race OA.

Luke Ehgoetz had yet another awesome performance.  He came in second overall, well under 30 minutes, and first in his AG.

Nick Burt was the next runner to come in.  He completed the podium sweep for H+P, finishing in 3rd place after just barely edging out Aaron Mailman in an epic sprint finish.

Aaron Mailman came in next with a huge PB of 30:44, good enough for 4th OA and 1st in his AG.

Jessica was next for the team and our first female.  She had an excellent performance, finishing in 33-low, and placing 2nd OA for females!

Vicki was our second female across the finish line.  She has yet another PB, and handily won her AG!

Dave Rutherford showed true determination and grit.  Doing nothing but recovering from injury and run walking over the last 2 months, he had a great, controlled effort.  While it was supposed to be a rehab run, he still manged to walk away with a 33 minute 8K that was good enough for the AG win!

Daniel Cook had an awesome first H+P race.  He had a massive PB, and placed first in his category!

Cari also had an awesome race.  She had a huge PB, coming in well under 46 minutes!

Shantell had a great return to action as well with the team!  As did Jeremy Tracey.  The momentum is starting to build with both of them again!

Combined Results RESULTS:

With so many runners having run both races, it was exciting to see how we stacked up once the 5K and 8K times were combined.  Here is how it looked for the team:

  • Luke WON with a combined time of just under 48 minutes
  • Mailman was 2nd OA as be banked more than enough time in the 5K to beat Nick with the combined time
  • Nick battled back from a tough post-exam 5K, making up time on the 2nd and 3rd place runners in the 8K.  He ended up finishing only seconds off the podium, bringing him in 4th place OA
  • Vicki took care of things in the women's race, winning the combined title in her AG in a great time of well under 1 hour
  • Daniel Cook finished strong with a combined time of 1 hour which got him the win in his category
  • Cari came in top 10 in her AG when her two PB's were combined!

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