Sunday 4 May 2014

2014 Waterloo Marathon

Less than 24 hours after we raced the ENDURrace 8K the team was back in action trying to conquer the 2014 Waterloo Half and Full Marathon.

We were treated to perfect race conditions, and an overall outstanding race experience.  Here is how we did as a team:

Half Marathon

Luke had an awesome race.  Despite just racing the 8K the night before, he still manged to run under 1:24 and finish 3rd OA!

Coach Dyce was in next for the team.  Despite limitted training because of travelling, he still pulled off a 1:26 half and placed 6th OA.

Adam Dixon had an outstanding race.  He had a massive PB, running 1:29, and just cracked the top-10 OA!

Vicki, like Luke, had just raced the 8K the night before.  Despite that, she still crushed a 1:41minute PB, bringing her in 11th OA!

Will had an awesome half.  Running much of the race by himself, he still finished with a very respectable time just over 2:10.

Also we have to say congrats to Ed, who trained with us last summer, on his OA win!

Full Marathon

We only had ONE H+Per in the full.  Despite just racing a 50K the day before, Steve still crushed a sub 3:30 marathon, placing him comfortably in the top 15 OA!

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