Sunday 22 June 2014

2014 Heart Lake

Despite not officially planning to race Heart Lake as a club race, H+P still had a solid contingent tackle this challenging, hilly course.  Here's how we did:

  • RunnerRob had a great return to trails.  He place 4th OA and 2nd in his AG with a time of 55:27 for the 14.4K.
  • Dave also had an awesome racing, cracking the top 10 OA, and placing 2nd in his AG.
  • Mike was in next for the team with a very sold 68 mins and 19th OA.
  • Craig was in next for the team, finishing 25th OA with a time of 70 minutes.
  • Jessica was in next for the team with a very solid 72minutes, placing 4th OA for females.
  • Vicki also had a great race, finishing just a few minutes after Jessica, cracking the top-10 OA for females!
  • Cari had an awesome race in the Sport race, finishing easily in the top 20 in her AG!
Team Results
  • The team results were scored based on a point system.  H+P was lucky enough to walk away with the win out of 10 total teams.  CLICK HERE for the full results.  

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