Sunday 22 June 2014

Triathlon/Duathlon Results: June 21st-22nd

This was the first big multi-sport weekend of the year for the team.  We had athletes in a number of different races and distances.  Here's how they all did:

Guelph Lake 1


  • Mailman had a great debut in triathlon, placing 13th OA and winning his AG!
Olympic Triathlon
  • Adam had an awesome race in Guelph, finishing with a time of 2:23 and 6th in his AG.  
  • Despite limited training in the swim and bike, Jordan had a great race.  He managed a time of 2:27, good enough for 7th in his AG.  
Olympic Duathlon
  • After being plagued by injuries for a number of months, Erik had an outstanding return to the duathlon world.  He finished with a time of 2:10, and placed 3rd in his AG.
Sprint Triathlon
  • Despite just racing the day before, Jessica had a great race.  She finished in 1:21, and placed 7th in her AG.
Ironman Syracuse 70.3
  •  IronLuke CRUSHED the half in Syracuse.  He finished with a time of 4:32, good enough for 5th in a very competitive AG
  • Graham Dunn started off strong, battled some serious cramping during the run, and finished with a stellar time of just over 5 hours!  

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