Wednesday 18 June 2014

Recap: #MikeVsDave

The epic battle of #TeamMike vs. #TeamDave has come and gone.  Who was the victor?  Here is a breakdown of how the event transpired:

  1. First across the line for both teams was the talented RunnerRob for #TeamDave.  He posted an excellent, sub-34 time.  First across the line for #TeamMike was Coach Sean with a time of 34:34.  This gave #TeamDave an early lead.  Time Gap: 41s, #TeamDave leading
  2. Once the second place runners on each time crossed the finish line, #TeamMike took the lead!  Coach Dyce from #TeamDave just missed his PB, running an impressive 36:14.  Brendan, from #TeamMike countered with an impressive 34:57 PB.  Time Gap: 36s, #TeamMike leading
  3. IronLuke and Ahmed Ahmed (Young Blood) were up next.  Luke managed to post an epic 36:46 PB for #TeamMike.  Ahmed countered with a great time of 37:47.  Time Gap: 1:37, #TeamMike leading
  4. Sitting 1.5 minutes behind with only 2 runners to go, #TeamDave was going to have stage a tremendous comeback to put themselves in contention.  Up next was Chris Goldsworthy for #TeamDave, posting a solid 38:09 PB to counter Pat's 38:54 for #TeamMike.  This brought to two teams closer, with only one runner to go.  Time Gap: 52s, #TeamMike leading  
  5. Captain of #TeamDave, ENDURdave himself, was the next to come in for his team.  He finished with a time of 38:20.  Now, all that needed to happen was for somebody on #TeamMike to finish with a time of 39:12 or faster.  As everybody anxiously watched the clock, we saw Nick Burt from #TeamMike sprinting his way around the track.  For a while it seemed like he might make it just in time!  But, still with 50m to go, the clock hit 39:12- Nick finished with a great time of 39:22.  Time Gap: 10s, #TeamDave WINS 
In an shocking, come-from-behind fashion, #TeamDave came out on top by a mere 10 seconds total (average 2 seconds per athlete).  HERE are the full team results.

It was a well earned win, and they did not hesitate to bask in the glory of their victory:

Other Battle Results:
#TeamDave did not leave with the team battle win, but also a number of individual battle victories.  Dan (from #TeamDave) walked away on top after his #SameVsDan battle, and Manny (again from #TeamDave) walked away with the win in the #MannyVsHowie battle.  All of the results were quite close, but #TeamDave simply seemed to have the advantage today!  

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