Wednesday 11 June 2014

#TeamMike and #TeamDave complete rosters

Well, the day we all have been waiting for is ALMOST here.  The Waterloo Classic is only four days away, and the team couldn't more more excited.

There is a lot riding on this race for a number of different reasons.  First, we have the epic battle of #MikeVsDave.  For those of you who don't know, there is a team component to this battle.  Here is a break down of inter-team race, and the team draft results.  Today, we are very excited to announce the complete team rosters for #TeamMike and #TeamDave.  Here they are:

H+P Team Mike
Mike Piazza
Sean Delanghe
Brendan Hancock
Luke Ehgoetz 
Pat Mulherin
Nick Burt
Sam Lalonde
Harold OKrafka
Vicki Zandbergen
Emily Hunter
Cari Rastas Howard
Mark Potvin

H+P Team Dave
Dave Rutherford
Rob Brouillette
Ahmed Ahmed
Greg Dyce
Chris Goldworthy
Daniel Cook
Manuel Jones
Jessica Kuepfer
Justin Buis
Will Spaetzel
Dragan Zubac

5K Team

With so much focus being put in this 10K, we can't forget about our 5K team.  We have a solid contingent being entered in the Open 5K Team category with heavy reliance on some of our fastest female runners.  Here's how the team shapes up:

Kailey Haddock
Payton Thiel
Aron Mailman
Holger Kleinke
Derek Hergott
Tammy Hergott
Stephaney Hortian
Gillian Willard

Battle of Waterloo

Finally, we can't forget that the 10K is the 2nd of 3 stages of the Battle of Waterloo.  Click here to see the recap of Stage 1.    H+P has a number of runners in contention for the OA podium.  After stage one, we have six runners (Sean, Dave, Mike, Greg, Brendan, Pat) all in the top 11 OA.  Vicki Z is also in contention for the OA podium on the women's side as she now sits in 4th OA.

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