Monday 2 June 2014

#TeamMike vs. #TeamDave

The team draft has finally come and gone!  If you don't know what the #MikeVsDave team challenge is, click here to learn more.

Here's how it went down!

(1) Rock, paper, scissors
This was used to determine who gets to call the coin toss.  Mike took down Dave's paper, and thus got to call the toss.

(2) Coin Toss
At 6:45pm, the coin was tossed at practice.  Mike called tails, and the coin landed tails up.  Mike opted to go second in the draft.

(3) Draft
Here is a review of how the draft went as shown on our live twitter feed starting at 9:00pm.

Pick #1: Team Dave takes RunnerRob
Pick #2: Team Mike takes Sean Delanghe
Pick #3: Team Mike takes Brendan Hancock
Pick #4: Team Dave takes Ahmed Ahmed
Pick #5: Team Mike takes IronLuke
Pick #6: Team Dave takes Greg Dyce
Pick #7: Team Mike takes Pat Mulherin
Pick #8: Team Dave takes Chris Goldsworthy
Pick #9: Team Mike takes Nick Burt for his sub
Pick #10: Team Dave's pick is TBA

Who do you think has the better team?

Stay tuned for full info on the rosters! 

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