Sunday 25 May 2014

Mike Vs. Dave: Team Edition

As many of you already know, Mike and Dave are going head-to-head in the inaugural Battle of Run Waterloo.  

After stage 1 (2014 Re-Fridgee-8er 8K), Dave has a lead of just over 1 minute!

That being said, the race is far from over.  In recent weeks, Mike beat Dave by approximately 2 minutes in a 7-Miler.  The next stage, the Waterloo 10K Classic, may very well be the deciding stage of this race.

To make things even MORE interesting, not only will Mike and Dave be racing as individuals, but they will be racing as captains of their own H+P teams.

Team Mike vs. Team Dave
In the team edition of Mike Vs. Dave, the premise is simple: the team with the fastest average finishing time in the 10K wins.  Here are the details:

  • Only the top 5 on each team will count in the average time calculation
  • Each team will be selected in a draft format.  A coin toss will decide who gets first pick.  The individual with the 2nd pick will also get the 3rd pick.  Then the two captains will alternate picks until their teams are complete.
  • The results of the draft will be LIVE TWEETED at 9:00pm on June 2nd!  Make sure to watch our twitter feed to see how it all unfolds!  
Other H+P-ers in the Battle:
We can't forget the rest of the team participating in the battle.  Right now we have a number of athletes fighting for spots on the OA and their AG podiums.  

After stage one, we have six runners (Sean, Dave, Mike, Greg, Brendan, Pat) all in the top 11 OA.  

Vicki Z is also in contention for the OA podium on the women's side as she now sits in 4th OA.

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