Sunday 25 May 2014

H+P Racing: Somewhere around May 25th, 2014!

With our next big, collective team focus still a few weeks away, the team was spread out throughout a number of different races this weekend (and last).  Here is a summary of how we did!

Sulphur Springs

Steve Parke had an amazing 100M!  He came in with a time of just over 18 hours.  The was good enough for 2nd OA, and put him in front of 3rd place by almost 1.5 hours!

Helen had an outstanding race.  She crushed the technical 25K run in 2:17, taking 6 minutes off her time from last year!
Linda also had a great race.  She finished with an outstanding time of 2:26!

Dave Rutherford crushed the very technical 10K course in a time of well under 39minutes.  This allowed him to comfortably win his AG, and place 4th OA.

Woodstock Triathlon:
Luke had an outstanding race.  He finished the sprint triathlon in a time of 1:05.  This put him in second place in the very competitive 40-44AG.

Ohio TTT:
Graham Dunn DESTROYED this race.  If you don't know what it is: basically you race triathlons all weekend long.  Friday is a short sprint tri, Saturday you race TWO separate Olympic Triathlons, and then Sunday you race the Half Ironman.  Mr. Dunn managed to finish in a very impressive 16th place OA, and achieved a personal best in the event by 45 minutes!

Buffalo Marathon:
Vicki Z had an amazing break-through race.  She crushed the marathon, finishing with a time of 3:32.  This was a 19 minute personal best, and brought her in ranked 3rd in her AG!

Toronto Women's Half Marathon:
Tracy made some last minute arrangements, and ran the half in a very respectable 1:47!  This brought in 10th place in her AG, nice work!

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