Tuesday 15 July 2014

ENDURrun: H+P Women's Team

For the first time, H+P is entering a COMPLETE women's team for the ENDURrun relay.

The team features some of the fastest female runners from H+P, and collectively they look primed to run hard and have some fun along the way.

The team comes in with one goal: set the event record for an all-women's team!

Current record: 14:20:01 (Runners' Choice Distance Divas- 2006)

Here's how our roster shapes up:

Stage 1: Half Marathon
Name: Gillian Willard
Height: 5'2
Age: 25
Favourite Workout: REST DAY

Stage 2: 15K TT
Name: Payton Thiel 
Height: 5'4
Age: 21
Favourite Workout: back flips

Stage 3: 30K Cross-Country
Name: Helen Broom
Height: 5'5
Age: 28
Favourite Workout: Anything- the more challenging the better!

Stage 4: 10-Mile Hill Run
Name: Nicole Green
Height: 5'4
Age: 21
Favourite Workout: 1K repeats

Stage 5: 25.6K Alpine Run
Name: Emily Hunter
Height: 5'5
Age: 28
Favourite Workout: Long runs

Stage 6: 10K TT
Name: Kailey Haddock
Height: 5'2
Age: 26
Favourite Workout: 600's or 1 min repeats

Stage 7: Marathon
Names: Jessica Kuepfer 
Age: 25
Height: 5'8
Favourite Workout: Hill Day

Make sure to follow the action on our Facebook Page from Aug 10th-17th!  We will keep you up to date on stage results, full event standings, and if they are on track to setting the event record!


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