Thursday 7 August 2014

ENDURrun: H+P Mixed Team

So far, you have met the H+P Men's A1 Team, Men's A2 Team and Women's Team.

TODAY, we introduce to you our third and final ENDURrun team: The Mixed Team.

This collection of athletes comes in with one goal and one goal alone: run hard and have some fun.  Here's the roster:

Stage 1: Half Marathon

Name: Dave Haiser
Claim to fame: Wants to hold your hand

Stage 2: 15K TT

Name: Justin Buis
Claim to fame: Enjoys staying alert, and staying safe

Stage 3: 30K Cross Country

Name: Charlotte Vasarhelyi
Claim to fame: Canadian Record Holder for the 6-Day Ultra Marathon

Stage 4: 10M Hill Run

Name: Dragan Zubac
Claim to fame: Huge fan of Dragon Ball Z

Stage 5: 25.6 Alpine Run

Name: Craig Kingston
Claim to fame: Is THE Mountain Man.  

Stage 6: 10K TT

Name: Laura Hewitson
Claim to fame: This is her first race as a Hewitson.  

Stage 7: Marathon

Name: Chris Phillips
Claim to fame: His self-proclaimed nickname- Chris "middle of the pack marathoner" Phillips

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