Sunday 19 October 2014

Recap: #SeanVsGill

Well, the epic #SeanVsGill battle has come and gone!  #TeamGill ended up walking away with a narrow victory over #TeamSean.  Here is how the entire event transpired including time gaps:


  1. First in for #TeamSean was Brendan Hancock with an OUTSTANDING new personal best of 15:59.  The first runner in for #TeamGill was Ahmed Ahmed with a new personal best of 16:45.  Time Gap: 46s, #TeamSean leading.
  2. Second in for both teams was Sean from #TeamSean and Jordan from #TeamGill.  They ran 16:12 and 16:54 respectively, both of which were personal bests.  This increased #TeamSean's lead even further.  Time Gap: 1 minute 28s, #TeamSean leading.
  3. In next was Coach Dyce from #TeamGill with an outstanding new personal best of 16:56, making him the 5th runner on the team to crack 17 minutes.  #TeamSean had Chris Goldsworthy finish in 17:30, also a new personal best.  This allowed #TeamGill to close the gap by 34 seconds.  Time Gap: 54s, #TeamSean leading.
  4. The 4th runner in from the battle was Dave Rutherford with an outstanding time of 18:18.  Kailey was the 4th runner in for #TeamSean with a massive new personal best of 19:25.  This allowed for a shift in team leads by a minuscule margin.  Time Gap: 13, #TeamGill leading.
  5. Finishing in 5th for her team, Gill was next.  She ended up running a great time of 19:17.  Mike was the 5th runner in for #TeamSean with a very solid time of 19:31.  This solidified #TeamGill's lead.  Time Gap: 27 seconds, #TeamGill WINS!

After a combined 1.5 hours of racing, #TeamGill ended up walking away with the win in an amazing come-from-behind fashion!  The final gap was a mere 27 seconds, or less than 6s per runner!

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