Wednesday 15 October 2014

2014 Oktoberfest Rosters

As we all know, #SeanVsGill will be going down this year at the 2014 Oktoberfest 5K.  Here is a break down of intra-team race, and the team draft results.  

Today, we are very excited to announce the complete team rosters for #TeamSean and #TeamGill, along with our 10K team.  This will be our largest contingent ever participating in a single event with 35 runners from the team competing!  

Here are the rosters:

H+P Team Gill
Gillian Willard
Jordan Schmidt
Ahmed Ahmed
Greg Dyce
Dave Rutherford
Simon Gonsalves
Candice Shrigley
Kevin Post
Maria Lucko
Cari Rastas Howard
Tim De Visser

H+P Team Sean
Sean Delanghe
Brendan Hancock
Kailey Haddock
Chris Goldsworthy
Mike Piazza
Vicki Zandbergen
Ed Shrigley
Will Spaetzel
Laura-Lee Spaetzel
Daniel Cook
Maria Llano 
Jan De Visser

We also don't want to forget about our solid 10K contingent who is looking forward to battling it out on the new and improved course!

Health and Performance 10K Roster:
Nick Burt
Aron Mailman
Dragan Zubac
Sam Lalonde
Emily Hunter
Laura Hewitson
Speedy Gonsalves
Manuela Jones
Harold O'Krafka
Juan Carlos Padron
Jessica Rumfeldt
Heidi Cica

Battle of Waterloo
Finally, we can't forget that the 5K is also the 3rd and final stage of the Battle of Waterloo.  Click here for a summery of Stage 2 and the current standings.  At this point, H+P has a number of points of interest in this 3-race epic.  The team currently occupies the entire podium with Sean (1st), Brendan (2nd) and Greg (3rd).  Dave Rutherford sits in 6th, mere seconds out of 5th, and looks to be comfortably in the lead out of all masters runners.  

For the women, Vicki sits in 4th place overall, but less than 10 seconds off the OA podium- can she crack it?

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