Monday 13 October 2014

#SeanVsGill Draft Results

Less than ONE week to go until the epic #SeanVsGill showdown at the Oktoberfest 5K.  If you haven't already heard of this team challenge, click HERE to learn more.  Later this week we will be announcing the FULL rosters if each team.  

On Monday October the 6th, both teams drafted their top 5 runners.  Here is how the draft went down. 

(1) Coin Toss
At 6:45pm, the coin was tossed at practice.  Gill calls tails, it lands heads.  Sean gets to decide if he will pick first or second.  Remember, the individual to pick second also picks 3rd.  Sean was also required to pick a female athlete within the first 3 picks of his draft.  

(2) Draft order
After reviewing his scouting reports, Sean decides he will pick first (8:45pm)

(3) Draft
Here is a review of how the draft went as shown on our live twitter feed starting at 9:00pm.

Pick #1: Team Sean takes Brendan Hancock
Pick #2: Team Gill takes Jordan Schmidt 
Pick #3: Team Gill takes Ahmed Ahmed
Pick #4: Team Sean takes Kailey Haddock
Pick #5: Team Gill takes Greg Dyce
Pick #6: Team Sean takes Chris Goldsworthy 
Pick #7: Team Gill takes Dave Rutherford
Pick #8: Team Sean takes Mike Piazza 
Pick #9: Team Gill takes Simon Gonsalves
Pick #10: Team Sean takes Vicky Zandbergen

Who do you think has the better team? 

Stay tuned for full info on the rosters coming later this week!

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