Sunday 21 June 2015

2015 Waterloo Classic

This is our 4th consecutive year doing the Waterloo Classic.  It has been a staple for the team since our inception, and has always been a great way to start summer off on the right track.  We were excited to try a new course on the West end of Waterloo this year, and it did not disappoint.  Here is how the team did:


Dave Rutherford, just 1 day removed from his 1:22 half marathon PB, was in first for the team with a
great time of 18:31, placing 2nd in his AG and 7th OA.

Steph Hortian came in 2nd OA and 1st in her AG.

Aidan Rutherford ran an outstanding PB of 19:19, good enough for 10th OA and 4th in his AG!

Mike Piazza showed that his fitness is coming along nicely with a solid 19:43, placing him 2nd in his AG.

Coming off a stress fracture, Gillian decided last minute to follow Sean and surprise him with a sprint finish at the line, finishing in 20:07, placing 4th OA and 2nd in her AG.

Coach Sean ran 20:08, placing 3rd in his AG, and emotionally crushed from Gill's ruthless sprint. 

Dan Nakluski ran 23:35, good enough for 3rd in his AG!

Derek Hergott ran a very solid 25:05 WHILE pushing Miles in a stroller!

Samara ran a great time of 36:22, placing 7th in her AG.

Olivia came in just behind 38:36, placing 8th in her AG!


Johana made an outstanding return to the team running a very solid sub-34, winning the race OA.

RunnerRob was in next for the team with an outstanding time on a hot day of 34:32, placing 2nd

Chris Goldsworthy had, quite honestly, the most ridiculous come from behind finish ever, barely taking 3rd place OA at the line, completing the podium sweep for H+P!

Nick was in next for the team in 39 minutes, placing 3rd OA and well inside the top 10.

Andrea Sweny was our first female to finish, running an excellent new PB of 42:22, placing 2nd OA and winning her AG!

Eric came in right after Andrea with a great time just over 43 minutes, placing 2nd in his AG.

Don MacLeod was in right after Eric with an outstanding new personal best of 43:10, bringing him in 3rd in his AG.

Emily was in next for the team with a very solid 10K of 43:52, placing 1st in her AG and 4th OA!

Paul pushed a solid pace on a training day, running just under 46 minutes and placing 4th in his AG.

Howie was in next for the team with a time of 48:51, just under a minute ahead of his rival Manny!  The epic HowieVsManny battle will continue at the ENDURrun in August!

Kristin Marks, Kim Chan and Tracey Kuchma were in next for the team all with times very close to 53 minutes.  Kristin placed 3rd in her AG, Kim got 4th, and Tracey got 2nd!  Nice work girls!

Juan had a solid 10K of 56 minutes placing just within the top 10 of his AG.

Heidi was in next for the team with a very solid time well under 59 minutes.  This allowed her to comfortably win her AG!

Up next for the team is the H+P SummerTT and the ENDURrun!


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