Sunday 21 June 2015

Race Weekend: June 20-21st, 2015

The Waterloo Classic wasn't our only race this weekend, we were also in action on the trails, in ultras, and in the multisport world!  Here's how the team did:

Guelph Lake 1 Sprint Triathlon

Tracy Urquhart had a break through performance.  She dominated her AG, winning by 7 minutes,
with a final time of 1:22!

Jan had a great performance as well.  In his first triathlon since being hit by a car 4 years ago, he completed his epic comeback to place 5th in his AG.  Nicely done Jan!

Guelph Lake 1 Sprint Duathlon

Steve Schmidt had a great season debut, placing 4th OA and 1st in his AG!

Guelph Lake 1 Olympic Triathlon

Adam Dixon had one of his best performances ever- he managed a great time of 2:20, finishing 4th in his very competitive AG. 


Lucas Shwed had an outstanding Olympic triathlon debut in Toronto.  He posted an amazing time of 2:16:59, winning his AG.


Dave Rutherford posted an outstanding new personal best of 1:22:03, good enough for the OA win.

Jordan Schmidt also had a great race- treating it 100% as a long run training day, he still managed 5th OA in 1:27.

In the 50K, Vicki Zandbergen had an outstanding day, finishing 5th OA for females with a time of 4:26!
Charlotte finished her training run with a great time of just over 5 hours, placing 60th OA. 
Andrew ran just over 5 hours, placing 54th OA!

5-Peaks Rattlesnake Point
In the 5.3K, Jonathan Fugelsang ran a solid 25:04, winning his AG and placing 11th OA!
Justin hit the technical 12.7K, finishing in 1:12:24 coming in 9th in his AG.

IM Syracuse
Graham Dunn had a very solid performance finishing in 5:17:02.  This placed him 33rd in his very competitive AG.

Tour de Waterloo
Bill Frier had a very solid performance, managing to finish well inside the top 100, placing 77th OA!

Outstanding work team!  As always, please let us know if we missed your results.


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