Wednesday 22 July 2015

2015 Mixed Team Challenge: #SamVsLaura

The 2015 ENDURrun is just over 2 weeks away!  This year we have 7 teams and 8 ultimates who have entered the event.  So far we have introduced our:

Men's A1 team
Women's A team
Men's Masters team

Today, we are very excited to introduce a challenge between two of our mixed teams.  Bitter rivals Sam (Whiz Kid) and Laura Hewitson will captain their own team as they go head to head in a ruthless (aka fun) week-long competition.  Each team is built to have almost identical finish times for the entire week.  Some stages will include very close match ups, others we expect one team to have an advantage.  If every single person runs to their ability, this could come down to the last few K's in the marathon before the #SamVsLaura champion is crowned!

Without further adieu, here are the rosters along with their current 5K ability according to our rankings page.

Stage 1: Half Marathon


Team Sam vs. Team Laura
 Sam Lalonde vs. Lucas Shwed
21:17 vs. ~19:30

 Stage 2: 15K TT

Team Sam vs. Team Laura
Cari Rastas- Howard vs. Laura Hewitson
25:53 vs. 26:19

Stage 3: 30K Cross-Country

Team Sam vs. Team Laura
Justin Buis vs. Eric Hunsberger
20:24 vs. 20:22

Stage 4: 10-Mile Hill Run

Team Sam vs. Team Laura
Kristin Marks vs. Kimberly Chan
23:47 vs. 23:39

Stage 5: 25.6K Alpine Run

Team Sam vs. Team Laura
Steven Parke vs. Linda Farczadi
18:20 vs. 22:14

Stage 6: 10K TT


Team Sam vs. Team Laura
Tracy Urquhart vs. Val Taiakina
21:31 vs. ~20:00

Stage 7: Marathon


Team Sam vs. Team Laura
Colin Calvert vs. Nick Burt
18:30 vs. 17:45

During the ENDURrun, make sure to follow the #SamVsLaura hashtag on twitter, along with our stats page tracking the battle HERE.

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