Tuesday 6 October 2015

H+P on Strava

H+P is all about finding new ways to keep training fun.  Sure, it's easy to go hard during our team workouts, but what about finding reasons to get in those off day runs?  WELL, Sam Lalonde, our data specialist has done a great job of making fun challenges based on Strava, and tracking it on our stats page.

Looking to get in on the fun?  Here are your options!

Top 80

The Strava Top 40 and Next 40 are a list of the top 80 most frequently attempted segments.  Some segments have been omitted due to safety reasons (crossing busy roads) and consistency (i.e. GPS watches can't handle tracks).

Our goal is simple:  To own both the female and male course record in these 80 most visited segments.  We want work together and use our numbers to take down non-H+P segments.  Find one you can get, and go for it!  H+P on H+P violence is not the priority, although attacking and defending CRs is not prohibited.

Long story short, don't hurt yourself, have some off day fun, and let's work together as a team to own these 80 and to keep the fitness rolling when not at practice!


Not looking to hammer on your off day (probably smart), but simply want a reason to run more at an easy pace?  The conquests feature is for you!  This one is simple: complete as many of the Top 80 segments as possible.  Runners are ranked based on total # completed. When tied, average speed for each segment is the tie breaker.  Can YOU run all 80?

That's it, happy off day running team!