Wednesday 14 October 2015

Oktoberfest Rosters

The 2015 Oktoberfest 5 and 10K is almost upon us.  Last year we had a blast with the Sean vs. Gill challenge, where we had 5 separate runners break 17mins in the 5K for the first time as a team!  We are sending a competitive roster to STWM on the same day this year, but we are still fielding one of our largest teams ever to take advantage of this new and faster-than-ever course.  Here is how our teams shape up:

Health and Performance (10K)
Emily Hunter
Nick Burt
Luke Ehgoetz
Valery Hobson
Dragan Zubac
Andrea Sweny
Paul Gonsalves
Craig Kingston

H+P Women
Gillian Willard
Vicki Zandbergen
Kailey Haddock
Laura Hewitson
Cari Rastas Howard
Maddie Hobson

H+P Masters Women
Manuela Jones
Heidi Engelhardt
Candice Shrigley
Gail Delanghe
Tracey Kuchma
Louise Martin

H+P Men
Sean Delanghe
Mike Piazza
Brendan Hancock
Martin Chmiel
Aidan Rutherford
Brian Wetzler
Michael Hewitson
Kyle MacKenzie
Tim De Visser
Sam Lalonde
William Spaetzel

H+P Masters Men
Jonathan Fugelsang
Graham Dunn
Don Macleod
Jan De Visser
Dave Rutherford
Harold O'Krafka
Ed Shrigley
Jeff Martin

Here we go!

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