Wednesday 15 July 2015

Our 2015 Men's A1 ENDURrun Team

The ENDURrun is almost here!  Every Wednesday in July we are introducing 1-2 of our 7 relay teams.  So far we introduced our Women's and Men's Masters team.  Today we introduce a collection of some of our fastest men compromising the Men's A1 Team.  Unfortunately our #2 ranked runner, Brendan Hancock, is out due to a scheduling conflict, but we have still put a fast group together with some big goals:

- The first goal is to take down our team record of 11:16 from our A1 team of last year.  You can follow along HERE on our stats page.  
-Our second goal is simple: to break the 11:04 course record set by the Road Scholars in 2012.  
-Our final goal- in an ideal world we would also love to break 11:00 hours.  Over the years we have found that it's very challenging to have 7 athletes on 7 different days firing on all cylinders and ready to compete at their best.  That being said, if all goes well, sub-11 is within reach, so we're going for it!

Stage 1: Half Marathon

Name: Ahmed "Young Blood" Ahmed
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lbs
Age: 22
PBs: 34:45 10K, 16:44 5K, 12 cups in 5 mins
Favourite Workout: hills
Favourite Recovery Food: Reeses' Cups

Stage 2: 15K TT
Name: Adam Hortian
Height: 6'0
Weight: 150
Age: 31
PBs: 8:08 3K, 23:55 8K, 1:06:34 half
Favourite Workout: 1K reps
Favourite Recovery Food:Turkey, swiss, chiabatta sandwich

Stage 3: 30K Cross-Country
Name: Luke Ehgoetz
Height: 6'0
Weight: 168
Age: 42
PBs: 17:25 5K, 36:13 10K
Favourite Workout: 800m repeats, progressive bike intervals
Favourite Recovery Food: Protein shakes (bananas, yogurt, ice, protein powder)

Stage 4: 10-Mile Hill Run
Name: Sean Delanghe
Height: 5'9
Weight: 158lbs
Age: 29
PBs: 16:11 5K, 33:17 10K, 1:16:58 half
Favourite Workout: 7-8 sets of sole-full puns
Favourite Recovery Food:  Pizza + chocolate milk

Stage 5: 25.6K Alpine Run
Name: Greg Dyce
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160
Age: 29
PBs: 34:30 10K, 16:56 5K
Favourite Workout: Anything not on the track
Favourite Recovery Food: Grilled Cheese

Stage 6: 10K TT
Name: Jordan Schmidt 
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160
Age: 27
PBs: 35:39 10K, 16:53 5K
Favourite Workout: 1 minute repeats
Favourite Recovery Food: A&W

Stage 7: Marathon
Name: RunnerRob
Height: 6'0
Weight: 138
Age: 23
PBs: 16:02 5K, 1:13:28 half
Favourite Workout: Running a lot
Favourite Recovery Food: Chapatis and chi tea

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and the stats battle page to see how the team does!

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