Thursday 16 July 2015

Thank you for the SummerTT Donations!

The 2015 SummerTT is almost here!  It is going to be our best yet, and it simply would not be possible without all of the generous donations.  Large or small, all of this has helped us to add extra features this year, like chip timing!  Thank you to the following people:

  • Natasha Guz
  • Erik Vicujnik
  • Andre Chan
  • Robyn Collins
  • Lucas Shwed
  • Sam Lalonde
  • Howie O'Kafka
  • Manny Jones
  • Cari Rastas Howard
  • Emily Hunter
  • Heidi Engelhardt
  • Jeff Martin
  • Dave Rutherford
  • Paul Gonsalves
  • Don MacLeod
  • Chris Goldsworthy
  • Val Hobson
  • Sam Wiebe
  • Spiderman
*If you want to be removed from this list so that your donation is private, please let us know!  If we missed you, also let us know!

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